Tuesday, June 19, 2012

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irst socialization period

The first socialization period is between the ages of four weeks to twelve weeks. This socialization period is a critical period. During this period the dog will learn which species it belongs and that there are other types. Things which the dog is not used during this period will bring much trouble later the dog is still getting used to. In some situations, this is even impossible. Has the dog in this period, for example never seen people, he will never get used to people and they always distrust. Even if the dog would simply blonde woman seen in this period, the dog all the other people distrust. We speak of a kennel syndrome.

Also remember that the mother of the pups is a very important influence. If the mother dog is anxious to humans or animals, this pup will take over as the default behavior.

Everything the dog in his life have to deal with during this period must therefore often be searched. Think also of nail clipping and brushing. Generally, we keep dogs in this period that a given stimulus five times to experience it as normal to consider.

On course


Very important for the socialization is making contact with peers and other people and animals. Puppy Training is excellent for this. Sometimes you hear from your veterinarian or other people that your pup is not allowed contact with other dogs and not allowed for courses he has had all vaccinations.
Research has shown that the importance of socialization is many times larger than the small chance that your dog gets sick.
Your dog can get sick from the feces of other dogs, there are bacteria on where the puppy may be sick. Avoid placing outlet and let your dog out on clean grass clippings.
It is therefore very important that you let your dog knowledge with other dogs, even though he is not fully vaccinated. The phase to 12 weeks is a critical phase that will never come back. The chance that your dog gets sick from contact with other dogs, is very small and the importance of contact for the good of your dog grow very large.
Your dog will also be given antibodies from his mother at the first inoculation he even antibodies.

The secondary socialization

The secondary socialization period takes place from 12 weeks until the dog is about six months. During this period it is important that everything you want the dog just keeps finding, you will find. During this period confirms you all the things that you have taken the first socialization phase. In this period also plays the social ties with non-peers a major role. Also this stage is therefore very important.

If the pup only the first twelve weeks is socialized and then you take nothing with the puppy, the puppy can even desocialiseren, or shyer again for things he did not often going through. At this stage you no longer have to search everything so intensely, but it is important that you do every day a bit more with the socialization are doing.

Ga also regularly train or bus and look for regular people, children and animals. The first step you have already put the first socialization phase, at this stage about the socialization away.

Remember also that your dog is never stop learning. During his first year he makes a lot of new stuff. New things to experience and look like your dog should be. Is your dog older than he is rarely new things and if he is ever experiencing something new, he also added to the confused. Stay always so busy with your dog.

A good example is fireworks. Young dogs are generally not very scary. But if the dog two or three years, he can suddenly become afraid of fireworks. The dog has been nothing new for a year before. Every day is different and all people and animals around, he knows al Suddenly breaking evening a terrible noise, and are all people he knows and trusts and are restless. For a dog a clear sign that something is very wrong!

Find therefore the whole year on fireworks, practice itself or go to Scheveningen in the summer for example where a number of Sunday evenings fireworks are chipped. Also at Queens Liberation is often fireworks.

During the secondary socialization, the puppy an increased ability to learn. Here you can make good use of course go by and the dog's behavior to learn what you want from him. Dogs learn in this period only very quickly what behavior we do not enjoy them, but the dog poses a lot! This is also something that you should look good.